Shawn has a very unique gift for using the lyrics of his poetry and his performance skills to impact the lives of young people and adults alike. His heart for this work and for his audience is obvious to all. As he performs many times at no cost for both non profit secular and Christian organizations, he is very dependant on donations to his ministry. If you would like to join his team of financial and prayer supporters, please contribute by making a donation below.
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When words of truth and passion are joined together they have the ability to change lives. It is our greatest honor to expose the hearts of our partners to those who’s lives have been impacted by the power of performance poetry through the ministry of Shawn Welcome.


As a minister in The Salvation Army for many years, I’ve seen all types of performers, preachers and presenters associated with “youth work ministry”. Often these people are high on dedication but short on life’s insight; and all too often shallow in true talent, focused more on performance style rather than ministry effect. Not so with Shawn Welcome – Poet Extraordinaire!

This “Welcome break” from usual novelty presenters offers true depth of insight, excellence of performance standards, affability of interaction between sessions and a true original art masterpiece of carefully crafted poetic soliloquy. Shawn covers a broad palette of topics in a bold and head-on, confrontive, mission-driven style. If your church or worship group prefers to avoid difficult subjects being discussed with the definitive, loving and eternal truth from God’s scripture and the essence of His will and standards boldly declared… then Shawn Welcome is definitely not your guy.

Shawn Welcome will not “tickle your itchy ears” to simply make you feel good. Nor will he try to brow-beat you into an artificially constructed guilt trip to manipulate young lives into coming forward to the altar. He simply blesses, captivates and challenges your soul to live better.

Shawn is not a “rap-star” or a “sanctified hip-hop gospel artist”. He is simply a profound communicator of spiritual truth in a way that will make you very happy you’ve “welcomed”your own flock wherever you may presently serve.

If you need to know more about Shawn Welcome before you invite him… please let me know. I’m happy to speak with you as a very satisfied “customer”.
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